Upcoming Opportunities for Elina Organics Education

Elina will be holding a workshop at Elina Organics Chicago spa. This two day workshop will be focused on Holistic Skin Care and the Latest Elina Organics Protocols.

This workshop will also give you 6 credit hours of continued education.

When: July 22nd and July 23rd

Time: July 22nd 1:30-5PM & July 23rd 11-3PM

Address: Elina Organics
100 E Walton St #600, Chicago, IL 60611

Price to attend for Elina Organics Professionals: FREE
Price to attend for Association members: $70
Price to attend for Non-Association members: $350

To register, please call or email Elina Organics and ask to speak to Karolina

We are offering a workshop on July 24th at Elina Organics at our Chicago spa on Carbossi Therapy.

This workshop will give you 5 Credit Hours of Continued Education.

Presenter: Beata Goodman

Price for Association Members: $250
Price for Non-Association Members: $380

Time: 11 AM

Address: Elina Organics
100 E Walton St #600, Chicago, IL 60611

Carbossi Therapy is an extremely safe and beneficial in anti-aging and Esthetics. Carbon Dioxide gas assists in destroying localized fatty deposits, improves skin elasticity, circulation, encourages collagen repair, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Presentation will include mechanism of action, contraindications, precautions, patient selection and protocols. We will discuss indications for applications of Carbossi Therapy (skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, fat and cellulite reduction, stretch marks, and scars). A live demonstration will be performed explaining the procedure and techniques to bolster your knowledge.

To register please call or email Elina Organics. We hope to see you there.