Test Summary

Ambra LiftAbout the Study

Genemarkers’ Anna Langerveld, PhD. designed an innovative study using state-of-the-art genomics methods to test Elina Ambra-Lift Skin Elixir. Langerveld applied the Ambra-Lift Skin Elixir to cultured skin cells for 48 hours and analyzed the expression of 91 genes that regulate biological processes important for maintaining healthy skin; for example, anti-aging, growth and regeneration and cellular protection. The goal was to show how the product produces positive effects in the skin by acting at the cellular and molecular levels.

Traditional clinical methods of analyzing skin care products typically involve the “before-and after” technique of evaluating physical characteristics of skin (i.e. wrinkles, fine lines, age spots) after application of a test cream. Such methods do not give any information regarding the product’s effects at the biological level. In addition, these methods take a long time to carry out and are subjective.

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