Baikal Crystal Infusion Mask

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This nourishing professional mask is enriched with marine collagen peptides and healing and rejuvenating extracts of fresh water and marine sponges. This mask helps quickly to calm and hydrate the skin right after Elina Organics Micro-Crystal Derma-Infusion or micro-needling. It stimulates collagen and elastin formation, has anti-septic and healing properties, and is beneficial for all complexions.

Directions: Take about one teaspoon of Baikal Infusion Mask and mix with Elina Organics Omega Serum, room temperate water, or herbal tea. Stir to create a creamy consistency. Apply on the skin, face, and neck. Leave on the skin for 3-5 minutes. The performance of the mask can be enhanced when used with Elina Organics Tender Beam or Scenar devices. It also could be used under warm or cooling vapors.

Ingredients: Marine Collagen Peptides, Dendrilla Membranosa (Atlantic Sponge), Lubomirskia Baicalensis (Spongilla).

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