Baikal Micro-Crystals (Extra Fine Spicules)

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This contains extra fine spicules making it ideal for use around the eyes or on sensitive/rosacea complexion.

This product includes derma-infusion bio-silica micro-crystals (spicules) extracted from several types of freshwater and marine sponges. Enriched with bio-active nutrients, these micro-crystals deliver rapid and visible skin-restoring results for a variety of complexions. 

Directions: Mix 1 part of micro-crystals (or one scoop using Elina Organics' measuring spoon) with 1 part Treatment Honey Peel or herbal tea. Mix to create a mask with a thin consistency. Apply the mask with a brush first, targeting scars, wrinkles, discolorations, etc. Then use special applicators, gemstone gua sha tools, or Elina Organics' Tender Beam device to penetrate the crystals deeper into the skin. Then, proceed with manual massage all over the entire mask and neck. Follow with Baikal Crystal Infusion Mask application.

Ingredients: Lubomirskia Baicalensis (Spongilla Extract and Spicules), Aurora Globostellata (Spongilla Extract and Spicules).