DAYSPA Magazine features Elina Organics

Dayspa Magazine April 2014

Elina Organics, headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, plucks core ingredients from organic suppliers that span the globe: Sea buckthorn oil is wild-crafted from a virtually untouched ecological environment in Siberia; lavender hails from French farms; roses, and rose oils are sourced from Bulgaria; and calendula is gathered Stateside.  Even soybean phospholipids are certified organic to ensure zero genetic modification.  “I’m very particular about ingredients, and I prefer wild-crafted botanicals,” says owner Elina Fedotova (pictured below). “But if an ingredient is rare or protected, I obtain it through organics farms.”

Fedotova admits to the challenges of creating a truly organic product line.  Natural ingredients aren’t always consistent, resulting in slightly different aromas or textures from one season to the next, and ingredient prices can fluctuate according to weather conditions.  However, she focuses on training her spa practitioner partners to educate customers on variations in product, and works with established sources to minimize availability issues.  “Sixteen years ago when I started, people asked why I chose to go the organic route – it can lead to consistency issues, it’s hard to market or preserve the products, and it’s expensive,” notes Fedotova.  “But now, more and more people are seeking out organic lines.”

Elina Fedotova of Elina Organics

April 2014 issue of  Dayspa Magazine

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