We look forward to nurturing a wonderful relationship as we share the goal of providing a holistic approach to beauty, health and lifestyle by safely providing effective and natural skin care services and products to our clients.

 In order to look our best, we do not have to endanger our health with invasive procedures and toxic products. Most people are not aware of alternative opportunities for natural skin care. Big corporations continue to promote extreme makeovers and toxic injections as the only solutions for fighting the effects of aging. You play an important part in dispelling this myth.

We know that true beauty comes from within. The face that expresses anger, jealously or fear is not attractive no matter how many cosmetic procedures it has received. Beauty starts with internal peace and balance when joy and gratitude can shine through. Nothing else can create more magnitude than the energy of love and kindness. To keep our peace and balance throughout every day is not always easy. I believe it is very important to avoid not only emotional but also environmental stress, reduce toxic intake, and choose wisely what you eat and how you feed your skin.

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I deeply believe that holistic beauty treatments and natural skin care products can deliver dramatic and long- lasting results, without the health risks associated with surgical face-lifts and other invasive procedures.

It is my passion to share the beauty of holistic treatments and natural skin care products with others and to encourage and support you in your efforts to do the same. I have designed this comprehensive holistic training program, which will help you to successfully address client needs and deliver visible results. My staff and I stand ready to assist you in making your business a success!

Elina Organics Skin Care Specialists are licensed aestheticians and natural health practitioners –Our brand is exclusively available through professional skin care and medical offices only after a comprehensive application process and training to carry our products. Elina Organics combines science with time honored philosophies to produce our holistic clinical skin care. We are dedicated to creating the awareness of skin health through the use of high- quality materials and ingredients , while offering highly customized and clinical approaches through natural sciences. Our products and formulas are designed and created under Elina Fedotova’s specifications harnessing the principals of nature. Elina Organic’s unique approach respects the “life force” in herbal sciences , as our formulas are seasonally presented to prevent immunity to the same ingredient combinations. This approach requires our laboratory to create our proprietary fresh products in small batches frequently, giving us the flexibility to adjust our ingredients in our award - winning formulas. Our philosophy for wholeness extends into our professional ethos and beyond – We are proud supporters of sound ecological practices in our manufacturing standards. Our customized and small batching approach provides less waste, the avoidance of synthetic chemicals used in mass production, and we stand by and support sustainability to leave a small footprint ecologically.

*Pricing for Professional Products will be available under Elina Organics Skincare, once the user has been registered and approved as a Wholesaler.