Many products claim to be natural, but they may only contain a few natural active ingredients mixed into toxic chemical base, or they include harsh chemical solvents and stabilizers. All of our products are free from ingredients like propylene glycol, mineral oil, and others. Instead, we emulsify our products using 100% Sunflower Phospholipids. We never dilute our healthy ingredients in unhealthy chemical bases. 

Deep Delivery

Many creams and lotions boast that they contain liposomes for optimum delivery to the skin; however, containing a small amount of liposomes does not ensure proper absorption and utilization. In contrast, the active ingredients in our creams and lotions are completely liposome encapsulated for transdermal delivery. This encapsulation allows our products to deeply penetrate and firm your skin.


We have a line of products that have additional bioenergetic effects.  This gives an extra dimension to the existing healing properties of Elina's products and creates instant lifting, toning, and smoothing. This is done without chemicals or artificial ingredients.