AHSCP Annual Conference, Gemstones Facial – Elina Fedotova
“I have seen the BIGGEST difference in my skin…”
"I’ve only been using them (Elina Organics Products) …for a few weeks now, but have seen the BIGGEST difference in my skin. I get complimented on it several times a day!"

Val Lego, Host
Healthy You, WZZM-TV

“I’ve kept my acne under control”
“I love your Oil Control and Healing Formula. With your products I was able to stop using several dermatologist prescriptions, and I’ve kept my acne under control”

Anja, New York, New York, USA

Due to the advanced and exclusive nature of Elina products and services, we are selective Professionalsabout who we choose to carry our line and use Elina professional formulas. All candidates must be licensed aestheticians and complete an application, including an interview.

Beautiful skin is healthy skin, and can only be found on a healthy body. Learn how to create dramatic effects on the skin without using toxic injections or surgical procedures but instead with the help of natural remedies based on kinesiological testing.

If selected, candidates receive complete training in holistic skin care techniques, including non-invasive face-lifts and formulations of custom natural masks and mineral compounds. To learn more about our educational program, professional formulas, and wholesale products, please call us at 269.384.2170.