Updated Safety Precautions

Your safety is our number 1 priority. Even though our safety and sanitation measures were always excellent, we have made a few positive adjustments.

  • If you are feeling ill or have a fever or a cough please do not come to service and reschedule your appointment. You will not be charged a fee and we will work with you to reschedule.

  • You must come into our spa with a mask on and you can remove it once you begin your facial service.

  • When you come into our spa for your service you will get your temperature taken. We reserve the right to refuse you service if your temperature is 99.9°F or higher.

  • Sanitize your hands when you enter our building, we will have hand sanitizer at the front desk.

  • In the waiting room, please keep your personal belongings on your lap and not on other furniture.

  • Keep a social distance of 6 feet apart from other people in our waiting room.

  • Try and only use credit cards and not cash. This includes credit card tips instead of cash.

  • Do not touch products in our lobby unless you know you will be buying them.

  • We cannot allow any accompanying visitors unless you are a caregiver.

  • Every esthetician will now be wearing fresh masks, face shields, gloves, and lab coats throughout the entire facial. They will be completely changed after each client.

  • We will have extra time in between clients to deeply sanitize the room before the next client.

  • We use nontoxic surface sanitizers made from 80% Organic Grain Ethyl Alcohol and food-grade 4% hydrogen peroxide.

  • The appointments will be staggered to avoid having clients wait in the lobby and to ensure you will not see more than a couple of people.

  • We have Ozone generators and a special air purification system using UV and negative ion generators throughout the entire building.

  • After a Barbicide soak, we use UV Sanitizers to sanitize brushes and medical autoclaves for all metal and glass tools after each appointment.

  • Of course, as always, the bedding and robes will be freshly washed and sanitized after each client under a specialty protocol. We will also have Hand Sanitizer and disposable masks available for you to use.