Aronia Berry Mask

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Exfoliates, Brightens, & Smooths

Aronia Berry Mask contains a balanced blend of plant enzymes, antioxidants, and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) formulated to gently exfoliate and brighten your skin. This mask fades discoloration, reduces the appearance of large pores, and smooths the texture of your skin.

Ingredient Highlights: 

  • Aronia Berry - reduces inflammation, increases circulation, minimizes fine lines, provides many antioxidants
  • Cranberry - a source of vitamin C and E which fight free radicals, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces hyperpigmentation, exfoliates
  • Hyaluronic Acid - alleviates dry skin by helping it retain moisture, naturally plumps skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, accelerates healing process
  • Red Currant - repairs sun damage, smooths texture, reduces inflammation, stimulates collagen production

Directions: Apply a quarter-size amount to your clean face, leave on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off. Use up to three times a week at night. Follow with toner, serums/elixirs, and night cream.

All Phyto Ingredients Certified Organic: Distilled Water, Aronia Berry Extract, Vaccinium subg. Oxycoccus (Cranberry) Extract, Ribes Rubrum (Red Currant) Extract, Willow Bark Extract, Xanthomonas Campestris (Xanthan) Gum, Hyaluronic Acid (Certified Vegan and Produced Through Wheat-Free Fermentation), Essential Oils: Juniperus Communis (Juniper Berry) Extract.


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  • 5
    Instant improvement!

    Posted by Sarah Jane on Sep 16th 2021

    I am so happy with the results of this mask! My face was having a full hormonal breakout and after one use my blemishes were less visible and my skins overall appearance was brighter. After a second use that week, most of my blemishes were completely clear. My skin is soft, bright & clear. My hyperpigmentation I've been struggling with is even less visible! I'll definitely continue to use this mask and highly recommend it to anyone that struggles with acne and scarring!

  • 5

    Posted by Erin on Apr 27th 2021

    This formula leaves my skin soft, refreshed, and younger looking! I will definitely be buying this again.

  • 5
    Aronia Berry mask

    Posted by Luda on Sep 11th 2020

    Aronia berry mask is my favorite night treatment mask. No washing off required, which saves you time. My skin is breaking out often and it’s light consistency is just perfect for my oily T zone. It penetrates in seconds and leaves my skin bright, and clear. I love how my skin looks in the morning after night application.