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Winner of Best Eye Makeup 2020!

Oil Control Formula
Winner of Best Acne Serum 2020!

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Ambra Lift
Winner of Best Anti-Aging Moisturizer 2019!

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Amethyst Polish
Winner of Best Exfoliating Product!

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Since 1998, Elina Organics has offered award-winning, sophisticated, organic formulations that naturally deliver clinical results. Elina Fedotova—Chief Formulator, Celebrity Esthetician, and Holistic Skin Care Educator—formulated the Elina Organics line.

Elina’s botanical formulas are handmade in our Michigan lab and liposome-encapsulated for deep penetration of nutrients into live skin cells. Our liposomes are created from organic sunflower phospholipids which not only help us to achieve deep delivery of active ingredients but also help to nourish and immediately firm the skin.

Elina Organics Ambra Lift Elixir is scientifically proven to increase the expression of Sirtuin-1 (an essential anti-aging gene), promote anti-wrinkle effects, activate anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory genes involved in protective cellular mechanisms, within 48 hours. Ambra Lift Elixir won “Best Anti-Aging Moisturizer” for the DERMASCOPE Aestheticians’ Choice Awards in 2019.

Aestheticians’ from all around the country have voted for Elina Organics products throughout the years. Elina Organics Amethyst Polish was voted “Best Exfoliator” in 2018 and the Elina Organics best selling Oil Control Formula won “Best Acne Serum” for the 2020 DERMASCOPE Aestheticians’ Choice Awards.

Elina developed unique and corrective skin care treatment protocols that allow you to achieve noticeable improvement after the first procedure. For Elina Organics professional accounts, we offer ongoing education and hands-on training on Elina Organics corrective skin care protocols and products and cutting edge holistic skin care services. Additionally to our comprehensive retail line, Elina Organics offers a wide variety of natural alternatives to chemical peels, vitamins and minerals extracted from botanicals, and a wide range of moisturizers, masks, serums, and other professional treatment products for every complexion.

Elina Fedotova is the President of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners, A nonprofit organization that provides ongoing holistic skin care training and education for professionals, which she founded in 2007. For many years, she has been contributing educational articles for leading skin care publications.

Similar to the organic foods you want to eat everyday, Elina Organics strongly believes that skin care products should be a fresh and nutritious meal for our skin. Our goal is to provide the safest, most natural, most effective and cruelty-free skin care to our clients.

We know that beauty is more than skin deep and that a person is much more than a physical body. As holistic practitioners, we grow through our choices and experiences with the ultimate goal to achieve unconditional love and balance. We agree that beautiful skin can appear only on a healthy body. But a healthy body requires mental clarity, positive emotions, whole food and a clean environment. It is hard to achieve this alone. We need each other to make better choices individually and on a global scale. By taking a “whole-istic” approach to our health and lives, we can deliver more peace to ourselves, care more about our resources, and help create a more harmonious life for all; practicing holistic skin care is a large part of making this happen.

Read more about Elina Fedotova and her approach.

“Fedotova’s lab includes hundreds of certified organic ingredients that she imports from all over the world including Asia and Eastern Europe. As she mixes them, she slightly tweaks batches of each product according to the season.”

– Modern Salon Magazine

In two or three months your skin can become acclimated to a particular formula and will stop responding. With Elina products, you never have to worry about this problem. There are other practical reasons for seasonal formula changes as well. Creams and lotions should be more emollient in the winter and lighter in the summer in order to compensate for the effects of climate changes on your skin.

The main purpose of your product will remain the same, whether it is to fight wrinkles, heal acne, or reduce irregular pigmentation, etc. The active ingredients in your product will remain the same, but the composition will vary just enough to keep your skin responsive and gain the best possible results.

Botanical ingredients play an important role in corrective skin care formulations because they deliver vital organic nutrients to skin cells in a form that is friendly and recognizable to the body. Organic skin care product formulators often use whole plant extracts. Studies show that whole plant extracts deliver visible results without being highly concentrated.

Read more about whole plant extracts.

Elina Organics plucks core ingredients from organic suppliers that span the globe: Sea buckthorn oil is wild-crafted from a virtually untouched ecological environment in Siberia; lavender hails from French farms; roses, and rose oils are sourced from Bulgaria; and calendula is gathered stateside.  Even sunflower phospholipids are certified organic to ensure zero genetic modification.  ”I’m very particular about ingredients, and I prefer wild-crafted botanicals,” says owner Elina Fedotova, “But if an ingredient is rare or protected, I obtain it through organics farms.”

Read more about organic ingredients.

Recognized As 

One of The Best Natural & Organic Beauty and Personal Brands, by
Organic Spa Magazine

Her products are amazing…!

Ginger Zee
Good Morning America

I’ve noticed a world of difference

“Elina has really changed my skin, it’s so much softer now and I’ve noticed a world of difference since I started using her products.”
Torrey DeVitto
Chicago Med, NBC

Elina is a rare gem in the skin care world.

“I can’t thank Elina enough for the beautiful results her products have made on my complexion. Elina is a rare gem in the skin care world.”
Terri MacLeod, Producer
Access Hollywood

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