Acne-Prone & Blackheads

As we know, people with oily complexion are prone to acne because the excessive oil in the pores creates an excellent environment for pathogens. People with oily skin usually have overactive sebaceous glands (oil glands). To balance them, we need to look for ingredients that can deliver a cooling and calming effect, such as, burdock root extract, dandelion root extract, calendula extract, peppermint extract, lavender extract, and saint john's wort. Those herbs not only could balance the skin's oil production but also have an antibacterial effect and help to prevent breakouts. A combination of Salicylic Acid, in its natural form, is extracted from willow bark or Fulvic acid, a 100% all-natural acid derived from certain types of soil and has a beneficial blend of trace minerals and electrolytes. They have strong skin purifying and exfoliating effects. It helps to visibly minimize the appearance of pores and smooth the texture by removing excessive dead skin cells from the skin's surface. Balancing the microbiome of our skin helps to reduce excessive oil. Using conventional skincare products with harsh chemicals often damages friendly bacteria that live on our skin's surface and supports our skin's protective function. Skin care products with a blend of live probiotics help to restore your skin and balance oil production. Other helpful Ingredients which help to observe excessive oil and support the health of your skin are Zinc Oxide and powdered pearls.