Why Elina Organics?




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Elina Organics combines the latest science with traditional holistic principles to produce corrective, organic skincare products. Owned and operated by Elina Fedotova, a cosmetic chemist and formulator who manufactures all of her skin care products by hand. Elina is also an aesthetician and herbalist, and she adjusts her products seasonally to maintain prime effectiveness and prevent immunity to the same ingredient combinations. In order to have flexibility in adjusting ingredients, Elina ensures she has plenty of time in the lab every week to create small batches of fresh, organic products.

Licensed skin care professionals that use Elina Organics products are trained to tailor protocols to meet the needs of each client’s unique complexion. Chicago Magazine awarded “Best Facial” to Elina Organics Advanced Skin Care Spa in 2012. Elina and her skincare line have also been featured on NBC 5, WGN TV, FOX Chicago, and West Michigan television stations. She also regularly contributes to DERMASCOPE Magazine.


Why Partner with Elina Organics?

  • The Elina Organics facial experience is energy healing, meditation, and corrective facial treatment all in one session.
  • Elina Fedotova is the owner and founder of Elina Organics but she is also a cosmetic chemist and chief formulator for Elina Organics
  • Elina Organics Holistic Clinical Skincare is a fresh meal for your skin. For over twenty-five years, Elina Organics products have been lovingly created with the finest and most pure organic ingredients.
  • Elina Organics is a true pioneer in the holistic and organic skincare industry
  • Elina Organics combines the latest science with traditional holistic principles to produce corrective organic skin care products and services.
  • We believe in a wide variety of other solutions and tools that allow us to create unique and personalized treatment protocols.
  • Award-winning professional skincare line for multiple years in a row
  • Elina formulates & manufactures each product to deliver essential nutrients deep into the live skin cells and simultaneously support the skin's protective properties and microbiome.
  • All formulations are holistic, transdermal, clinical, effective, and bio-energized
  • All ingredients are 100% organic
  • We do not require large opening orders or minimum orders, making us an ideal company for solo estheticians and new business owners entering into the skincare industry 
  • We regularly offer sales and specials for professionals 
  • Our pure products are ideal for sensitive complexion, pregnant women, and those undergoing cancer or other medical treatment
  • You can join our affiliate program to receive commission if your clients choose to shop on
  • We allow professionals to sell our products on their own website 
  • We allow drop shipping with no minimum order requirement
  • We offer a full professional back bar line that consists of botanical powdered acids, pro size products, enzymes, and acids for peels that are naturally derived 
  • All products are made to order and in small batch to ensure that every product is fresh 
  • Elina Fedotova is well known in the holistic skincare industry and regularly interviewed for the highest profile publications in the country 
  • Skincare products are all hand made in the USA at the Elina Organics Lab 
  • Continually refresh and reinvent your offering with our seasonal launches containing the latest cutting-edge ingredients and formulas 
  • You will be included in our private Facebook group where you can ask questions and engage with other spa partners 
  • You will be added to our spa partner map on our website 
  • Exclusively available at, and professional skin care and medical offices only
  • Thousands of glowing complexions throughout the world prove the results of Elina Organics Skincare.


  • We believe in a wide variety of other solutions and tools that allow us to create unique and personalized treatment protocols.
  • Licensed skin care professionals who use Elina Organics products are trained to tailor them to meet the needs of each client's unique complexion.
  • Yearly online, in person, or hybrid holistic skincare conference 
  • You will become a member of the Elina Organics non-profit: Association of Holistic Skincare Practitioners continued education for professionals
  • Monthly online educational workshops that are recorded 
  • Full access to our online training portal 
  • Detailed training manual with dozens of step-by-step protocols 
  • You are educated on equipment and given suggested links to purchase what Elina Organics uses
  • Exceptional customer service that can be contacted right away through text, email, or phone call 


"I love the brand and what it stands for. When you use product that feels alive on your skin you know you have chosen the right product line." –Jena Saxman, 2022

"I just made my first order for Elina Organics and I am absolutely stoked to start using this holistic skincare! I am very passionate about living a Holistic lifestyle and incorporating this into my business and clients regimen. I would love to learn all I can about this skincare line but also teach others the importance of clean ingredients. I am also a certified Family Herbalist, so furthering my knowledge with herbs is a hobby." Tiffany Cuevas, 2022

"Best natural skin care products. Hands down" – Jasmine, Townsend, 2022

“I have worked with Elina Organics products over a decade and always experienced amazing results of healing and restoring even very difficult skin conditions. My customers are very happy and thankful to use Elina Organics as they see huge improvement of heaving healthy and radiant skin again. Elina consistently comes with creative, complex and effective advanced formulations which have the purest organic healing power and beautiful energy of nature. She inspires me all the time as a friend, colleague and mentor with new greatest ideas, leading edge skin care technologies and methods and helps to be successful in fast changing, extremely competitive, but satisfying and interesting skin care industry world.” Irina Shpigelman, Irina Organic Skin Care in Bellevue, Washington. Elina Organics professional since 2011.

"When creating my skincare business I knew I wanted to focus on natural and ayurvedic skincare methods and ingredients; hence my business name :) I am now a CBD skincare professional, and I’m working towards my oncology certification. I have looked at MANY other skincare lines and I feel that Elina Organics is in line perfectly with my beliefs in how we should treat the skin, and discuss skincare and ingredients." – Jena Sekulish, 2022


"I feel like this line has everything I have been looking for.  I have extensive experience as an esthetician working at your typical spa environment...I have worked with Murad, PCA, Jan Marini, Obagi, LIRA clinical and never felt so great about any of those lines. I live an organic lifestyle and am a lifelong vegetarian. I am opening my own business and finally can use the kind of products I love that reflect my values! I love the use of machine work incorporated in these facials and the products look fantastic." – Helen Whitcomb, 2021

"I would love to use and carry Elina Organics because I believe people are looking for powerful and pure products. They are educating themselves on ingredients and sourcing which causes them to expect and look for the best. I believe in the quality of local, hand-made, small business products and I think these qualities are very important to consumers as well." – Cara Thompson, 2022

"I have been searching for months for a skincare company that offers unique, small batch, transparent ingredients, results oriented, clinical ingredients with top notch customer support and training. It seemed impossible to find something that checked all my boxes until I found Elina Organics! I've honestly never been so excited to work with a company in my 9 years as an esthetician and just feel like this is such a perfect fit. I am looking for a primarily plant based brand I want to provide organic treatments I want to offer a clean organic line to my customers. I believe Elina Organics is a great line to offer I want to cleanest, most powerful clinical skincare that utilized the best that nature has to offer." – Mariana Kvalvik, 2022

“I absolutely love working with Elina Organics, there’s nothing out there that compares. Elina is such a force in this industry! What her products and facials do for my people is extraordinary! My clients look younger as the years go by! And they love the results! Elina and her staff give me constant support, encouragement and education tirelessly and with such a positive attitude. I couldn’t be as successful as I am with any other skin care line. Elina Organics is the absolute best!!” – Cindy Sabo, Sabo Skin Care & Massage in Spring Lake, Michigan. Elina Organics professional since 2002.

“This has been an absolute life and business changing the experience. I learned to only use ingredients in my practice that are healthy, nutritional and eatable. Notice I state the word “eatable”? I’ve taken my business a step farther than just “natural or organic” to “holistic” esthetics. A Holistic Esthetician will never use an ingredient in their practice that is not healthy for their client both inside and out.” – Charlene Handel, Skin Fitness in Carlsbad, California. Elina Organics professional since 2005.

“From the business stand point I focus a lot on personal attention but I dedicate myself to having a giving spirit. I believe that what you put out in the world comes back to you. That is what originally attracted me to Elina because I believe she has that spirit.” – Kim Mahone, Nature Organic Skincare & Bodywork in Muskegon, Michigan. Elina Organics professional since 2014.


I believe that true wellness begins with integrity. Integrity or products, services offered and service implementation. Not only do I care that the services we offer work and are highly effective , I care that the products used in them achieve the same goal. The spa industry is advancing and doing great things. However , there are some ancient proven techniques that are effective and do no harm. Those are the services and products that I want to offer to my clients. – Kadida Rose, 2022

“Working with this skin care line has not only improved my skin but has also introduced some pretty amazing people into my life. One of my favorite aspects about working with this line is that I always get to see a glow and transformation on my clients face after the treatment. I love the positive feed back from all my clients and feel fortunate that I can offer a natural safe product to anyone that walks through my door.” – Casey Hall, Pure-Organic Skin Care and Waxing in Lincoln, Nebraska. Elina Organics professional since 2011.

"I have always loved Elina's philosophy and the integrity of her products. I am excited about the new branding--looks awesome. We have a naturopathic medical center with holistic skin care services and our patients are very ingredient savvy. We like offering lines of skin care that are effective and also have a clean ingredient deck." –Pamela Thoring


"In the past, I have worked with Eminence Organic Skin care and I loved that product line. At that time I employed 10 people and such a large and expensive line made sense. I now am a solo practitioner soon to bring on a student esthetician. I found your skin care line because it is local and I fell in love with the organics as well as the gemstone concepts. It suits our clientele style very well (lots of pregnant and new mamas!) who want to feel nourished and cared for in a safe way." – Heather Bishop, 2022

"Elina puts a lot of herself into her products they are made with integrity giving estheticians many options to serve clients organic options that work. I want to be able to offer my clients more." – Tina Erazo

“I can’t thank Elina enough for the beautiful results her products have made on my complexion. Elina is a rare gem in the skin care world.” –Terri MacLeod, Producer, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD

"The creativity and freedom customizing that I get to have sings to my Herbal mixology soul. I am not cookie cutter I am always outside of the box and constantly searching for a better way to serve my clients and a line that sets my soul on fire. I finally found love”– Elisha Stone, Elina Organics Professional