Fresh, hand-made, seasonal, organic, professional skin-care line
  • All formulations are transdermal and bio-energized
  • Exclusively available at professional skin care and medical offices only after a comprehensive skin analysis
  • To protect our Elina Organics professionals, all of our online pricing is 15% higher than what our professionals would sell in store.
“Elina Organics combines the latest science with traditional holistic principles to produce corrective organic skin care products. Owned and operated by a cosmetic chemist and formulator who manufactures all of her skin care products by hand, Elina Fedotova is also an aesthetician and herbalist who adjust her products seasonally to prevent immunity to the same ingredient combinations. This approach requires Elina to create fresh products in small batches on a weekly basis and gives her the flexibility to adjust ingredients. Licensed skin care professionals who use Elina Organics products are trained to tailor them to meet the needs of each client’s unique complexion. Chicago magazine recently awarded “Best Facial 2012” to Elina Organics Advanced Skin Care Spa on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Elina and her skin care line have also been featured on NBC 5, WGN TV, FOX Chicago and West Michigan television stations. She contributes regularly to DERMASCOPE Magazine.”
Irina Shpigelman, Irina Organic Skin Care in Bellevue, Washington. Elina Organics professional since 2011.
“I have worked with Elina Organics products over a decade and always experienced amazing results of healing and restoring even very difficult skin conditions. My customers are very happy and thankful to use Elina Organics as they see huge improvement of heaving healthy and radiant skin again. Elina consistently comes with creative, complex and effective advanced formulations which have the purest organic healing power and beautiful energy of nature. She inspires me all the time as a friend, colleague and mentor with new greatest ideas, leading edge skin care technologies and methods and helps to be successful in fast changing, extremely competitive, but satisfying and interesting skin care industry world.”

Cindy Sabo, Sabo Skin Care & Massage in Spring Lake, Michigan. Elina Organics professional since 2002.
“I absolutely love working with Elina Organics, there’s nothing out there that compares. Elina is such a force in this industry! What her products and facials do for my people is extraordinary! My clients look younger as the years go by! And they love the results! Elina and her staff give me constant support, encouragement and education tirelessly and with such a positive attitude. I couldn’t be as successful as I am with any other skin care line. Elina Organics is the absolute best!!”

Charlene Handel, Skin Fitness in Carlsbad, California. Elina Organics professional since 2005.
“This has been an absolute life and business changing the experience. I learned to only use ingredients in my practice that are healthy, nutritional and eatable. Notice I state the word “eatable”? I’ve taken my business a step farther than just “natural or organic” to “holistic” esthetics. A Holistic Esthetician will never use an ingredient in their practice that is not healthy for their client both inside and out.”

Kim Mahone, Nature Organic Skincare & Bodywork in Muskegon, Michigan. Elina Organics professional since 2014.
“From the business stand point I focus a lot on personal attention but I dedicate myself to having a giving spirit. I believe that what you put out in the world comes back to you. That is what originally attracted me to Elina because I believe she has that spirit.”

Casey Hall, Pure-Organic Skin Care and Waxing in Lincoln, Nebraska. Elina Organics professional since 2011.
“Working with this skin care line has not only improved my skin but has also introduced some pretty amazing people into my life. One of my favorite aspects about working with this line is that I always get to see a glow and transformation on my clients face after the treatment. I love the positive feed back from all my clients and feel fortunate that I can offer a natural safe product to anyone that walks through my door.”

Terri MacLeod, Producer, ACCESS HOLLYWOOD
“I can’t thank Elina enough for the beautiful results her products have made on my complexion. Elina is a rare gem in the skin care world.”
Elisha Stone, Elina Organics Professional
The creativity and freedom customizing that I get to have sings to my Herbal mixology soul. I am not cookie cutter I am always outside of the box and constantly searching for a better way to serve my clients and a line that sets my soul on fire. I finally found love”