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We love summer! But during these warm and humid days we can see that our face look could look greasy and blackheads from out of nowhere over the T-Zone. This is why Elina decided to bring us her newest formula - Pore Purifying Oxygen Solution, which will help to liquefy excessive oil deposits and literally bubble out the blackheads from our pores with the power of oxygen.

Apply Pore Purifying Oxygen Solution over the congested areas of your skin using a Q-Tip or a cotton pad. Wait 30 seconds to allow blackheads in your pores to come to the surface. Wipe the impurities off your skin in circular motions using the same Q-Tip or cotton pad.

Oxygen also has antiseptic properties and helps to prevent breakouts. It assists in reducing hyperpigmentation which occurred as a result of previous breakouts.

Ingredients:  Purified Water Infused With  Bio-Energetic Imprints of Amethyst, Hydrogen Water Infused With Oxygen, Colloidal Silver 

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    Posted by Pamela van Giessen on Feb 8th 2021

    This has been a lifesaver during the pandemic when I am unable to travel to get facials. Definitely helps to purify the pores!

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    Pore Purifying Oxygen Solution

    Posted by Mary on Jan 7th 2021

    I have had clogged pores on my nose for years. Once I started using this product they started to clear up and my pores minimized. Great natural product that really works!

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    Eliminates blackheads and “maskne” breakouts

    Posted by Mary on Sep 19th 2020

    Wonderful pore cleaning product! Sent this to my 20 ur old daughter who attends a military college in the south. The cadets there are working out in the heat, humidity and wearing masks. A disaster as far as skin goes! She uses this at night and it has greatly reduced the congestion and acne she was getting. Great for anyone with stubborn blackheads and/or acne. It only adds a minute to your daily routine for amazing results!