Natural Variations in Small-Batch Production at Elina Organics

Posted by Elina Fedotova on Jun 9th 2023

Natural Variations in Small-Batch Production at Elina Organics

At Elina Organics, our products are so clean — you could eat them! Because we use natural organic ingredients in our formulations, you may experience some slight variations season-by-season. Think about when you go to the grocery store and look at various organic fruits and vegetables… they each look a little different from one another, right? Now think about how local produce looks in the spring compared to the fall… it changes, right?

Similar to the variations in the food we eat, the natural variability of ingredients used in organic skincare products is due to a range of factors like soil quality, weather, and harvesting techniques. These factors affect the chemical composition of the natural ingredients, which can lead to slight variations in color, scent, and texture. These variations can result in small differences in the final product, even if the ingredients in the formulation remain the same.

Some examples of this natural variability that we commonly encounter include enjoying different types of wine each year. Even though a vineyard uses the same grape bush year after year, the grapes produced each harvest are slightly different because of things like weather conditions, the amount of sugar each grape produces, and the levels of vitamins in each batch. This same principle applies to ingredients in skincare products! For example, sea buckthorn oil contains different types of carotenoids depending on the weather conditions and other variations each year. This can impact the color, smell, and texture of the formulation!

These natural variations may concern people at first because many of us have only been exposed to products containing synthetic ingredients — these do not have natural variation! Instead, synthetic ingredients are engineered to be consistent and predictable, regardless of environmental factors. This results in each bottle of conventional skincare product looking and feeling exactly the same. But this can come at a cost to our health!

The absence of synthetic additives in organic skincare products (such as colorants, fragrances, and thickeners), is one of the key features that sets Elina Organics products apart from conventional products. Instead of relying on artificial ingredients, organic skincare products use natural, plant-based ingredients that offer unique benefits for the skin. However, the lack of synthetic additives can contribute to the variability of the final product. For example, natural colorants may produce different hues depending on the specific plant species used and how they are harvested.

Another factor that can impact the consistency of organic skincare products is the manufacturing process. Organic skincare products are typically produced using minimal processing and preserving techniques to maintain the natural integrity of the ingredients. This can make it challenging to achieve consistency in the final product, as the properties of the ingredients can change during production. Additionally, organic skincare products may not contain synthetic preservatives (which are chemical compounds that stay consistent over time). Elina Organics avoids the use of synthetic preservatives and other potentially harmful synthetic chemicals in our formulations. Instead, we choose to rely on the power of natural sources and organic plant-based preservatives that nourish the skin while protecting the formulations.

While the variability of organic skincare products’ color, scent, and texture is a natural feature of their plant-based ingredients and manufacturing process, we strive to maintain compositional consistency in our formulations. Elina personally works in our Michigan-based lab to ensure all of our products maintain their same effectiveness, while also taking advantage of the seasonal variations to optimize the ingredients’ benefits for our skin. We carefully monitor the production process to ensure that each batch is of the highest quality for you. 

At Elina Organics, we take pride in our small-batch, handmade organic skincare products formulated with pure, natural ingredients. We take a holistic approach to skincare, focusing on nourishing the skin with the nutrients it needs to thrive. We embrace the variability of organic ingredients and work hard to maintain consistency in our products while preserving their natural integrity. We want to thank our loyal customers for using our products — and we promise, your body will thank you too!