Jan 31st 2020

Q&A with Elina Fedotova: Can “Ingesting” Crystals Benefit Your Health?

Elina was recently interviewed for nécessité about the benefits of crystals. You can read the featured article, Can “Ingesting” Crystals Benefit Your Health?, here.

Celebrity aesthetician Elina Fedotova explains that bio-imprinting is a technique to properly do so. According to Fedotova, “Dr. Yuri Kron invented a standardized technological process on how to capture an energetic pattern from [one substance] and transfer it to [another].”

Q. Please explain what bio-imprinting is and how this process is achieved.
It is a process that is well described by Dr. Yuri Kron. You can find some similarities to it with homeopathic remedies. In simple terms, not only plants have certain vibrational patterns but also minerals, stones, metal, gas, etc also have vibrational patterns. Plants bio energetic patterns are transferred into homeopathic formulations or formulations like Bach remedies. It is energy chi patterns from plants that are captured and then transferred into other substances like pills or liquids, using different methods. Dr. Yuri Kron invented a more standardized way to do that which he has described in several articles.

Q. Is this similar in any way to the work of Dr. Emoto? (I'm a nerd.)
A. Dr. Emoto published research about how different types of water can create different types of crystals based on how the water has been influenced. He did not invent a system to transfer the energy. In a way it is similar but Dr. Kron invented a standardized technological process on how to capture an energetic pattern from different substances and then transfer it. Dr. Kron can also purify and intensify the particular energetic pattern and transfer it to any substance like cream, water, food, etc.

Q. What does the bio-imprint of diamond do, as opposed to gold, or crystals, and how does this impact healing?
A. If you read about crystal healing therapy, you will learn that every crystal or precious metal has certain therapeutic qualities which can subtly affect a person on the physical and emotional levels. Diamond imprints into solutions can strongly intensify other herbs in the lotion, diamonds are also known for producing clarity and for being purifying as well as cooling. Diamond is one of the most powerful crystals so in a formula it can give the skin more strength and firmness. Amber gives a rejuvenating effect on the skin and it is associated with a lot of sun energy and warming energy. I suggest to use amber for more dry, older, and pale complexions vs diamond which should be more red complexions. The stones that are cool colors have a calming effect on the skin which is beneficial for more inflamed skin like rosacea vs warm tone stones which are more beneficial for dry complexion who need more intensity.

Q. Since our skin is our largest organ, what is the impact of this high vibration?
A. It is not a high vibration, it is a subtle energy known as chi. We are trying to stimulate and attract more chi flow through our body when we process tai chi, chi goon, yoga, and etc. It is impossible to have too high of chi, it is the energy of life. In ancient India they call it “nirvana” in Japan they call it “Qi”. You can have too much electrical energy, you can have too much of heat energy, but you can not have too much of chi energy.

Q. If you had to guess, would you say that ingesting bio-imprinted food and water would be beneficial for the health?
A. Absolutely. This is what Dr. Kron’s technology is offering, they have a number of food supplements that are energized.

Q. Anything else I should know?
A. Ingesting crystals itself is not beneficial for your health, unless we are talking about crushed Amber because crystalized sap which has organic compounds in it which for example - succinc acid has a good healing effect on the body and it is traditional to crush ambers to use them as medicine in the northern areas of Russia and baltic countries. Other crystals like Amethyst or Rose Quartz (for example) they are beneficial energetically but not chemically. If you crush them, they are very similar they only benefit the body energetically which makes it unnecessary to swallow them. It is beneficial to ingest only if the energy from the stones are transferred into water or foods.