Q&A with Elina Fedotova: What is Microdermabrasion?

Feb 6th 2020

Q&A with Elina Fedotova: What is Microdermabrasion?

Elina was recently interviewed for Shape Magazine about microdermabrasion. You can read the featured article, What is Microdermabrasion?here.

"Diamond microdermabrasion uses a wand with a tip covered in, you guessed it, crushed diamonds, and the gritty texture buffs off dead skin, explains Elina Fedotova

Q. What exactly is microdermabrasion?
A. It is a non invasive procedure used to exfoliate and improve tone and texture of the skin. It can be used on any complexion except rosacea prone skin. It helps to reduce scars and skin discolorations.The procedure uses a special applicator to remove the top layer of skin to smooth and rejuvenate it. Typically you can choose between a crystal or diamond microdermabrasion. The diamond is designed to exfoliate dead skin cells and suction them off at the same time. Crystal microdermabrasion sprays fine crystals to rub away outer layers of the skin and then suctions the skin.

Q. How and why is it beneficial to the skin?
 People with uneven pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, and clogged pores can benefit from microdermabrasion treatments. There is increased nutrition delivered to skin cells because microdermabrasion stimulates blood flow. This helps to improve texture, smooth the complexion, and rejuvenate the skin.

Q. Can it be helpful for acne and/or acne scars?
A. Yes - Microdermabrasion is a procedure that combines a simultaneous suction and exfoliation. It helps to unclog pores and remove several layers of dead skin cells.

Q. How does a microdermabrasion machine work?
Microdermabrasion is a non invasive treatment that typically uses tiny crystals to exfoliate the skin and then suctions up the dead skin with a vacuum from the epidermis.

Q. What happens during a treatment?
A. Usually during the treatment the skin is prepped before the procedure with mild acid or enzyme peel and the esthetician will make sure that the surface is completely dry. The applicator of the machine should be moved to support directions of lymph flow usually from the center of the face towards the ears. The skin is then exfoliated and vacuumed. Clients will not experience an unpleasant sensation. The esthetician might focus more over the scarred or discolored areas. The experienced estheticians will also move the machine over the deep lines and wrinkles to bring more blood circulation and stimulate skin regeneration to reduce the depth of the lines. Right after the procedure skin restoring serums should be applied followed by a skin nourishing mask. For 3-5 after this service the skin of a client will be more photosensitive. So, an esthetician should inform the client about that and suggest to use sun screen and stay away from the sun.

Q. How is it different than dermaplaning?
 Dermaplaning is different from microdermabrasion because it doesn’t use a suction. During dermaplaning an esthetician gently scratches off excessive dead skin cells with a scalpel.

Q. How is it different than micro needling?
 During Microneedling an esthetician use devices like dermapen or a dermaroller and breaks the skin with small needles the size of .5mm-3mm. During microneedling the skin is not exfoliated or vacuumed. Microneedling treatment helps to reduce scars and discolorations by producing multiple holes into the skins surface and help our body restore the skin by regenerating new healthy cells. It helps to reduce the appearance of scars and discolorations by stimulating natural skin regeneration.

Q. How do at-home microdermabrasion products work?
At home microdermabrasion exfoliate the skin using a crushed diamond covered tip wand which you draw across your skin. The machine itself is less powerful and less effective.

Q. What products would you recommend?
 After microdermabrasion it is important to support skin regeneration with nourishing and healing skin care products. Out of my line I would suggest Healing Formula and Healing Sea Buckthorn Lotion for problem complexion and for dry and aging complexion I would suggest CBD or Omega Serum with CBD Riche Repairing Face Cream on top. Also Probiotic Polishing Mask could be used in the morning instead of cleansing because the skin has already been stripped and exfoliated you need to improves the skins protective barrier with friendly bacteria.