Q&A with Elina Fedotova: What is Small-Batch Beauty?

Feb 26th 2020

Q&A with Elina Fedotova: What is Small-Batch Beauty?

Learn about what a Small Batch Beauty company is by reading this Q&A with Elina! Elina was interviewed for “What Is Small Batch Beauty?” You can read the full article here.

"Small-batch beauty is fresh, handcrafted and organic. If it were food, think of it as something you’d buy in a farmer’s market rather than a big-box store. It’s typically made by people rather than machines, and comes with expiration dates like milk and eggs, so you know you’re using products that are at their peak."
—Elina Fedotova

Q. What is small-batch beauty?

It means you produce small batches of products, daily or weekly as needed and they are sold to the customers right away, fresh. Products are not stored for months in warehouses and do not sit on retail shelves for long periods of time. They do not require artificial preservatives and can deliver better nutrients to the skin. They do not require artificial preservatives because they are being used right away. They do have an expiration date on the packaging so you know the freshness of your product, the same as food.

Q. Why is small-batch beauty becoming huge right now?

As an organic formulator, I have been making my products in small batches for over 20 years. I am very happy that people are starting to understand the value of fresh and clean skincare products. More and more people are choosing to eat fresh organic foods and it is a no brainer that they will also seek clean and healthy skincare products. Your lotion should serve you as a healthy meal for your skin!

Q. Who is small-batch beauty good for?

It is great for EVERYONE. It is especially important for pregnant or nursing women or people with a compromised immune system to not introduce toxins into their body through the skin. Several scientific studies have proven that we absorb a number of chemicals into the blood by using conventional skincare products. Of course, everyone can benefit from fresh skincare just like everyone can benefit from fresh food.

Q. Why did you start your small-batch beauty brand?

I wanted to produce clean, organic and natural products. There was nothing like that on the market when I decided to create my line. I remember over 20 years ago when I was talking about small-batch beauty and natural ingredients during a professional meeting for cosmetic chemists and formulators. People were making jokes and did not want to take me seriously because they did not understand why I would prefer to work with more expensive and not always consistent natural ingredients vs very stable and price-efficient chemicals ingredients that can last longer. The only way to avoid artificial preservatives and chemical solvents are to make the products frequently in small batches, without storing them in a warehouse. I strongly believe skin care products should be a fresh and nutritious meal for our skin, as well as the foods we eat every day.