Calm & Smooth Duo

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Calm & Smooth Duo: Activated Honey Peel (NEW!) + Skin Recovery Protective Healing Cream - SAVE 15%

Activated Honey Peel (NEW!)

Restores Skin & Evens Texture

Activated Honey Peel contains nourishing Manuka honey which soothes inflamed complexions. It also possesses important antibacterial and antiseptic properties. This peel contains fulvic acid with a specific blend of herbs and ammonia-oxidizing probiotics that work to gently smooth the texture and protect the healthy microbiome of your skin. This peel can even be used on the most sensitive skin over both the face and body. Acne-prone complexions will also greatly benefit from this peel.

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Skin Recovery Protective Healing Cream

For Stressed, Inflamed, & Problem Complexions

Many products for acne-prone and inflamed complexions have a drying effect on your skin. This cream will help relieve that irritation, moisturize, and heal your skin. The extracts of arnica and spongilla in this cream have been used for centuries to heal bruised and damaged skin. Colloidal copper rebuilds your skin’s collagen and elastin, helps your skin retain moisture, and accelerates your skin’s healing process.

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