Lack of Hydration

Many people have difficulty understanding the difference between hydrating and emollient ingredients. When people's face feels dry, they often start putting oils, butters, and heavy creams on. For some, it might work, and that is because they do not have enough oil in their skin. Many have plenty of oil in their skin, and the element they are missing is moisture. Applying heavy oils and butters or creams can create an oily film over the surface that will not allow their skin to absorb moisture, even on a rainy day, making their skin feel even drier. You do not drink oil when you are thirsty, you drink water. The same principle applies to your skin. Many usually feel dry because they need exfoliation. As we know, the skin regenerates from the inside out. The surface of the skin always contains several layers of dead skin cells. If we do not exfoliate regularly, that layer of dead cells can become thicker and thicker. It is especially noticeable in women after 40. Those women think they have a dry crust over their skin and wrinkles and that the butters will help, but in reality, they need good exfoliation and hydrating skin care products. The most common hydrating ingredients are vegetable glycerin, tremella mushroom, hyaluronic acid, and alpha hydroxy acid.